Just keep breathing.

I’ve realized something lately….

I’ve been through a lot. We all have.

I’ve had days that I thought would be my last, that I wanted to be my last. I’ve had nights that I wished I would never wake up. I’ve flushed my food down the toilet and cleaned up my own blood at 3 am. I’ve made excuse after excuse to convince everyone that I’m not slowly eating away at (what’s left of) my own sanity.

After all of this mess, all of the tears and all the broken pieces, all the lies and the masks I wore, I’m still here.

I’m still here.

I’m still breathing.

And I’m damn proud of myself for that.

You should be too. You survived. You might still be struggling, but you’re still here. YOU MADE IT. You’ve made it this far. Bet you didn’t think you would.

But look at you now, you’ve managed to overcome whatever tried to take you down.

So let’s take a second to pat ourselves on the back, appreciate what we’ve done, how far we’ve come. Let’s appreciate US.

Congratulations to us, for every breath we thought was our last, but wasn’t.

Music Rant

Ya know what, I’m done with those people who get mad when someone hates on their favorite musical artist, but then bashes someone else’s.

The other day I was on this app called iFunny and there was someone with an account called “I_HATE_EMO_FAGS” and I was scrolling through their pictures. Each one was all about hating on the “fags” that listen to bands like Pierce the Veil, Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, ect. Some of the pictures were REALLY offensive, so I reported the account and it was eventually shut down.

But as I was scrolling through the comments section, and their were people saying that those bands don’t suck and they saved their lives, and it’s not ok to hate on a band just because you don’t like their music.

One of the users who was saying things like that was “Hospital-for-Souls” which happens to be one of my favorite songs by BMTH, so I clicked on his/her profile. It was a nice profile, with some funny pictures and some pictures of their favorite bands. But as I scroll down, I see a picture of Lil Wayne. And thought to myself, “that’s cool how they like rap too” because I like rap. So I clicked on it, and the caption said “Wow…people think this is actually music?!”


You just went on a rant about how people shouldn’t hate on a musical artist just because you don’t like it, yet you do the same exact thing?!


I happen to like lil Wayne. I like Pierce the Veil. I like One Direction. I like Green Day. I like the Cinematic Orchestra. I like Bring Me The Horizon. I like P!nk. I like Drake. I like Mac Miller. I like Flux Pavilion. I like Florence and The Machine. I like Adele. I like Ghost Town. And plenty of other bands and artist from every genre.

So you stand up for your favorite bands because the music has special meaning to you, maybe it saved your life or helped you through a tough time, but say other music is trash?

I’m not saying “6 ft 7 ft” by Lil Wayne saved my life, or that “That’s That Shit” by Snoop Dog has some deep meaning to me, but that doesn’t make them bad songs.

It doesn’t matter if the type of music you like has powerful lyrics or some emotional connection. What matters is that it makes you happy, it makes you smile, it makes love life just a little bit more. That’s what matters. If what makes you happy has deep meaning to you? Great. If it doesn’t? Awesome. If it’s in a different language? That’s cool too. I don’t care if hearing Beyoncé belt out is your favorite part of the day or if you listen to Beethoven on repeat or if you know every word of your favorite KPOP song.


So please, try to keep an open mind and don’t hate.

Message me (or whatever you do on here, I’m new to tumblr so I don’t know) what your favorite songs are! If you have a story to go along with it, I’d love to hear about it.

(P.S. If you read all of this, thank you for listening to my rant. I really do appreciate it :D but tell me if you guys want more, or none at all. I don’t want to crowd your dashboard with stuff you don’t want to see! I’m open to any comments/questions/opinions you guys have!)

To be completely honest, I do think looks matter. Don’t think Im shallow, I’m not saying it’s my first priority or a deciding factor in a relationship or anything. I’m just saying that you’re not gonna fuck someone for their personality.






Check out these hip Disney Princesses like you’ve never seen them before. Whoa! These people nail it.


#8 is amazing! I love the pin up disney princesses!


It’s time Disney makes a hipster princess that smoked weed.. my opinion.


They’re perfect.

So hipster.

I guess Ariel left the ocean because it was too current.


I sometimes think life is like a tunnel.

You walk down the tunnel, with only a beam of light at the end to guide you. It gives you words of encouragement,
“Don’t give up!”
“It gets better!”
It gives you a reason to keep going. It gives you hope.

But sometimes that light fades. Everything goes black. You are lost with no where to go, no one to lead you there. There is no reason to keep going. There is no hope.

Those who are lucky have friends that can bring the light back. Even if it’s the smallest sliver of brightness, it’s enough to light up the path and bring back hope.

Some of us…don’t have that. We don’t have a chance of seeing the light again. It’s gone. So we sit here in darkness, wondering what will happen to us.

I hoped to find a friend that would be able to bring the light back, so I could feel its warmth on my skin and see it’s brightness overcome the black that surrounds me.

But that never happened.

I did, however, find a friend. Not one who brought back the light, but one who sat with me in the darkness.

So at least I know I’m not alone.